ASCOR - the modular system for warehouse management and/or material flow control and visualisation.

ASCOR (Administration System for the Corrugated Industry) provides the suitable software for material transport as well as for material storage in all areas of corrugated board production from one source - from paper reel delivery to the finished product. In close cooperation with the controls of the transport system, it ensure the coordinated operation of all movements within the Dücker plant.

ASCOR comprises all functions of a fully automatic warehouse and transport system which requires only a minimum of intervention by the operator. This includes, among other things, the time and demand-specific delivery of material to the converting machine, the storage control and/or the commissioning of the driverless vehicles.  

The modular structure permits the compilation of an individual software package adapted to the respective project requirements. In addition, ASCOR offers numerous functions to visualise and process data.

ASCOR functions:   

  • Presentation of plant and goods true to scale
  • Extensive search functions
  • Error log book
  • Transport history for each stack

Interfaces to all known planning systems are available. The planning systems supply detailed order information and the so-called requirement lists for the respective converting machines.

Ascor Framework

The basis for all modules.

The ASCOR framework is the basis which is used for all ASCOR modules. We have developed these modules using the latest Microsoft development tools. 

ASCOR server processes are based on Microsoft operating systems as from MS Windows Server 2003. The Database Management System (DBMS) and the necessary software are included. 

The runtime environment of the ASCOR server can be operated virtually as well as natively.

The communication to the controls on the production level is ensured by Siemens Profibus and/or Industrial Ethernet. ASCOR is a three-layer client / server system. 

The client software is linked to the server by Ethernet TCP/IP. It is licence-free and can be installed on client workstations, on which an operating system is installed as from Microsoft Windows XP.  

All ASCOR systems have the same intuitive graphical user interface. This makes handling of different ASCOR modules easier for the operator.