About us

DÜCKER Group / Controlled Movement

Conveyor technology and internal logistics for the paper and corrugated board industry 

We are specialists for logistics systems in the field of the corrugated board industry. We offer our customers customised fully automatic storage and transport systems. Our plants and control systems contribute to highly efficient processing of corrugated board and paper. We transport goods - precisely from A to Z.

Experienced system partner for conveyor plants, software and engineering

Apart from the development of complete solutions for automatic conveyor plants, the concept, development and realisation of special software solutions for industrial applications belongs to our range of services as well. Our software ASCOR for automation and visualisation systems permits complete transparency of the entire production processes and the monitoring of all processing machines in real time.

Within the framework of mechatronic engineering, we integrate mechanic, electronic and programme elements in conveying technology in the form of individual components, machines or complete plants.

As a market leader, we include in every project our specialist knowledge developed throughout a company history of 165 years. Innovation, tradition and quality Made in Germany have become our trademark in the major markets of this world.

Continuous growth

Continuously growing company group 

We are investing in Langenfeld as a location as well as in global expansion. During the past five years, additional production capacities have been created in Langenfeld so that in the meantime we have more than 19,000 sqm of overall production surface in Langenfeld and Monheim. Currently we are employing a staff of about 360 at the location of Langenfeld. Since 1995 we have building capacities in the field of automatization. 

With the majority takeover of DÜCKER CORRPAL, our company group started international expansion. We profit from a strong partner in the field of prefeeding and palletising. With DÜCKER ROBOTICS in Italy our product range is expanded by robot-based palletisers and prefeeders.

The establishment of DRA CHICAGO followed together with our partner Ringwood in Chicago. Thus, we have a local production, sales, project management and aftersales organisation on the North American market. By cooperating with BDS SHANGHAI, we have built up an organisation with its own production site, sales, project management and aftersales in the Chinese market as well.

Global orientation

All over the world our systems are used, and convince companies on all five continents, especially in the key markets in Europe, North and South America, Middle East, Australia and Asia. We will continue internationalisation consistently, and with our establishments and works all over the world, we will use the synergies and chances of globalisation for the DÜCKER GROUP.