Conveyor Systems

Corrugated board


Corrugated board industry

We have many years of experience in the corrugated board industry. Every layout is adapted to the individual customer requirements and the framework conditions on site. We enable fully automatic transport of the stack from the Corrugator to the intermediate storage site and the processing machines and on to palletisation and shipment. The material flow is controlled by PLC and ASCOR.

If requested, visualisation is possible by our PC-based ASCOR system. In order to ensure maximum safety for the users, we install the latest safety standards, such as muting, high-speed doors or sluice systems.


Reel handling

Our automatic material handling systems in reel infeed, reel preparation and reel return transport increases the speed in the area of wet ends.

Discharge / Corrugator

The discharge from the corrugator is highly efficient. By means of accumulation, doubling and turning of the stack, we can ensure ideal packages for the transfer cars.


The efficiency of discharge applies also for the work-in-progress: High speed transfer cars ensure the transport in and out of the work-in-progress storage. The upstream machine infeed is designed according to the requirements of the further converting machines.

Finished goods

Our pallet inserter enables the use of pallets precisely at the point, at which they are really required.

Sheet line

We effectively place your sheets on to the pallet. Various possibilities are available for the purpose.


Our plants can be found in production halls on all continents in large corporate groups as well as in owner-managed family businesses.