Corrugated board industry

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Layer formation using pusher

Double - in the full sense of the word.

The Stabiltrack® conveyor with integrated longitudinal pusher permits you to form stack arrangements for your format pallets or to double the load units for the transfer car. This increases the through-put enormously. In case of high-performance plants, doubling counters bottlenecks. Depending on layout, shuttle cars can be used as well.

Your advantage:

  • Higher through-put


Stack arrangement for your TW loads and your sheet palletising.

Basically, optimal load units should be arranged in order to increase the performance of the transfer cars. In addition, accumulation permits stack arrangement for your sheet palletising.

In this case, individual stacks are separated from the corrugator on to the upstream conveyor in machine direction or are accumulated.

Your advantage:

  • Higher through-put

Base line turning unit

Turn by 90 degrees in case of cross flute.

In order to transport stacks with very short cut lengths, so-called cross flutes, optimally by internal logistics, they should be turned before storage in the work-in-progress storage. For this purpose we have developed a turning unit which turns the stack by 90 degrees. Subsequently the individual substacks are accumulated to optimal load units for the transfer car.

Your advantages:

  • Higher through-put
  • Reduction of the warehouse capacities needed