Corrugated board industry

Finished goods

Pallet Inserter

Pallets only where they are needed.

You profit from the advantages of a pallet-free transport of finished goods by having only one packaging line with a central pallet inserter. Up to two different stacks move into the inserter at the same time and are centred there at the side. Subsequently they are lifted. They are then pushed into the corresponding pallets which are pushed up manually or automatically. Very different pallet patterns can be set up by using pallet robots with turning devices. The plants have been designed in such a way that they can keep up with the performance of the converting machines.


  • Max. 200 stacks per hour when using a pallet robot

Your advantages:

  • High through-put possible  
  • Various pallet patterns possible
  • No empty pallets at the converting machines
  • More cleanliness during operation
  • Observation of hygiene guidelines in the food industry by very late use of pallets

Empty pallet robots

Diligent helper for pallet inserter

The capacity of the pallet inserter depends decisively on the performance of the pallet robot which supplies the various empty or top pallets. Depending on the number of different types of pallet as well as the type of spatial conditions, industrial robots or linear robots are used.

  • Performance: 200 pallets per hour
  • Max. Pallets: 1,400 × 1,800 mm

The area is secured with a protective lattice. In the pallet feed area, the access is monitored by light grid.

Your advantages:

  • Increase in through-put of the inserter
  • Reduction of manual effort

Transfer car

May we invite you to a test drive?

As in the intermediate storage, a high-performance transfer car is required for the transport of finished goods. It is the connecting element between the converting machines and the central palletising and packaging line. Fitted with up to four decks, it can take up up to eight pallets and can pass them on to the packaging line. 

At speeds of up to 3 m/s, which are controlled by the fully automatic control system and visualisation programme ASCOR, the high-performance transfer car removes the stack from the converting machine and takes it to the packaging line on the quickest route. Depending on the transported material, so-called hold-down devices can be planned to secure that stacks during quick transport. 

The highly modern positioning control is used for highly precise fast approach to the target conveyors. Naturally the emphasis here is safety - with two laser scanners each on the front sides, and correspondingly designed controller stands for manual operation.

Truck Loading System (ATLS)

We take over your truck loading in less than 5 minutes

Our customers have challenges with truck loading again and again. The time-consuming process by means of a forklift can automate the inefficient loading process by also using AGVs (driverless transport system) The solution to these problems is ATLS which was developed together with Schumacher Packaging GmbH.

The advantages of the truck loading system:

  • It takes only 3 - 5 minutes to load your pallets.
  • By the fully automated process you are able to save personnel resources in addition you are able to minimise the space requirements in the FGS.
  • The completely integrated system enables a fully automated transport of high rack or a finished goods storage directly into the truck. Risks caused by the forklift traffic are minimised by a fixed transfer station.

Find out more about the truck loading system Öffnet internen Link im aktuellen Fensterhere.