Corrugated board industry

Sheet line

Pallet inserter

Here you will learn to appreciate the performance of the inserter.

The best possibility of bringing your sheets on to pallets is by using a pallet inserter. Up to two different stacks move into the inserter at the same time and are centred there at the side. Subsequently the corresponding pallets are lifted and inserted. Very different pallet patterns can be set up by using pallet robots with turning devices. These plants are designed for effective palletising of made-to-measure ware. Their performance corresponds to today’s high-performance corrugators with a working width of 3.3 metres.

We will be pleased to inform you about the efficient transport of your formats. You will profit from the experience which we were able to gain during installation of numerous automatic units all over the world.

Your advantages: 

  • Max. 200 stacks per hour
  • High through-put
  • Less manpower
  • Various pallet patterns possible


Simple and effective.

The best possibility of bringing your format on to pallets is by using a cross pusher. A conveyor with integrated cross pusher pushes the stack on to a lower roller conveyor, on to which empty pallets are placed.

The operator places a slip sheet which is clamped, and which reduces the friction when the stack is pushed. Subsequently this is used as lower edge protection.


  • Up to 40 stacks per hour

Slip-Sheet dispenser

Protected all-around

In order to let your products survive the long transport frequently to your customers, they should be packed in an ideal way. This also includes the lower edge protection which is attached fully automatically, and which protects the lower edges of your load whilst strapping. We offer various solutions for laying large-scale base sheets.