Corrugated board industry

Work in progress

Transfer car

Rush-hour in your work-in-progress storage - without traffic jam.

The use of high-performance transfer cars sees noticeable movement in your work-in-progress storage. At speeds of up to 3 m/s, which are controlled by the fully automatic control system and visualisation programme ASCOR, the stacks are transported precisely to where they are needed. The highly modern positioning control is used for highly precise fast approach to the target lines. Naturally the emphasis here is safety - with two laser scanners each on the front sides, and correspondingly designed controller stands for manual operation.

Your advantage:

  • Higher through-put

Storage Conveyors

Runs and runs ...

For gentle transport of the stacks we use our tested Stabiltrack® conveyor, which has been equipped with modular plastic chains made of acetal.

Your advantages:

  • Low-maintenance and easy to service
  • Frequency-controlled drive
  • Optimal space usage by double occupancy of storage lanes
  • No sheet-walk effect
  • Less waste caused by damage
  • Safety for the operator

High Bay Storage Solution (HBS)

High Bay Storage Solutions

Dücker conveyor systems developed a partnership with several well-known high bay storage suppliers. Single deep, double deep, or multiple deep storage are proposed and implemented with cranes equipped with satellites or telescopic forks.

Depending on your requirements, we are able to provide you a storage for the Work in Progress and/or Finished Goods areas. Our expertise is at your disposal to study in details your production, your need, and the most suitable solution, specifically for cases where surface area is considered quite valuable and building into the height is the only available option.

Consolidated by several projects over the last years, we design and provide all sorts of different High Bay Storage solutions in collaboration with our partners for a Sorting of short, mid and long-term orders according to order prioritisation. With our ASCOR administration system, we supply an integrated high bay module with the capability of tracking and sorting of each stack within your production facilities’ different storage areas.


Hybrid-Intermediate-Storage Systems (HISS)

Hybrid-Intermediate-Storage Systems (HISS)

Dücker conveyor systems GmbH and Öffnet externen Link in neuem FensterWestfalia developed a new concept for in particular high storage  quantities and new printing technologies.

In order to meet our customers’ requirements, the customised Öffnet internen Link im aktuellen FensterHybrid-Intermediate-Storage-Systems solution by Dücker and Westfalia  is implemented. This combines the decade-long experience by Dücker in the area of Intermediate-Storage solutions and the floor-free high-bay storage solutions by Westfalia.
In this concept the space of a conventional intermediate storage with transfer car and conveyor belts on the ground is used by implementing additional storage above this level. Both systems are connected by the Westfalia Aviator®.

Each project is approached individually according to the facilities’ circumstances.

Machine Infeed

Our designers face every hurdle.

Various aspects have to be taken into consideration when designing the infeed lines. They include various types of machine as well as demanding local conditions frequently or obstacles, such as pillars. But, you can rest assured: With our many years of experience, we will find a tailor-made solution for you. Irrespective of whether turning devices, right angle conveyors or length and cross shuttles are needed, we plan the right elements for you so that this part of the plant is also optimally arranged for your needs.Defined, secure staff crossovers are also part of the optimal safety package. By using ASCOR for control we ensure that the machine is always fed with the requested stack required for the optimal sequence of operation and in the requested direction.

Your advantages:

•    Individual and timely feed of the machines

•    Safety of operators ensured by crossovers



Tool and waste transport

Let’s go the whole hog.

What could be more obvious than supplementing the automatic system for intermediate storage by automatic transport of tools and waste? In the process, special boxes are used for tools, clichés, inks, et cetera which can be transported by the existing conveying systems in parts to the individual converting machines.

Here it is possible, for example, to install the tool storage above the intermediate warehouse. By means of a simple lift, the boxes prepared are passed on to the lower level. An add-on module of ASCOR provides automation and visualisation.

Your advantages:

  • For the operator always the right tool at the machine
  • Reduced workload for transport and commissioning of the tools
  • Reduced workload for transport of waste
  • Setup of existing logistics
  • For the operator always the right tool at the machine