Conveyors systems

Furniture stores

Furniture stores

On the basis of our many years of experience in the transport of palletized finished goods of various dimensions in the corrugated board industry, we develop solutions for the transport of articles for sale in furniture stores.

The focus in this case is on the automatic transport of palletized articles for sale between incoming goods and sales area. Upon consultation we will be pleased to ensure transport of pallets with plastic or cardboard feet.

On the loading station we implement contour or weight checks. The transport can be carried out on several levels to different targets.

If requested, visualisation is possible on PLC basis or with our PC-based ASCOR system

In order to ensure maximum safety for the users, we install the latest safety standards, such as muting, high-speed doors or sluice systems.

Every system is carried out customer-specific and is put into operation on site as well.