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Hybrid-Intermediate-Storage-Systems (HISS)

Hybrid-Intermediate-Storage-Systems (HISS)

Dücker conveyor systems GmbH and Öffnet externen Link in neuem FensterWestfalia developed a new concept for in particular high storage  quantities and new printing technologies.

In order to meet our customers’ requirements, the customised Hybrid-Intermediate-Storage Systems solution by Dücker and Westfalia  is implemented. This combines the decade-long experience by Dücker in the area of Intermediate-Storage solutions and the floor-free high-bay storage solutions by Westfalia.
In this concept the space of a conventional intermediate storage with transfer car and conveyor belts on the ground is used by implementing additional storage above this level. Both systems are connected by the Westfalia Aviator®.

Each project is approached individually according to the facilities’ circumstances.


The advantages of our HISS solution:

•    More storage area and higher performance through the combination of independently working transfer car and Aviator®.
•    Increased flexibility and storage  options for building with low surface through the usage of multi-deep storage on upper levels.
•    Prioritisation of short, mid, long-term, digital and pre-print orders 
•    Space limitations in layout are bypass-able through building into the height.
•     Conveyor accessibility on ground level by transfer car and Aviator® leads to increased logistic efficiency.

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