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By acquiring Corrpal and the establishment of DÜCKER CORRPAL in Ystad, Sweden, in 1999, we were able to expand our production range by palletisers and separators. The production of palletisers and separators is carried out locally in Sweden with all know-how within the same building. Thus, within a project we can offer full flexibility on components and services and also deliver machines, which do not belong to the classic conveying technology, but are linked optimally to the production process by integration in a uniform overall layout.  

In order to cover the rising demand for safe sheets and to ensure simple handling of the bundles, DÜCKER CORRPAL has developed the completely motorised separator with highly intelligent drives. Handling the bundles carefully is becoming more and more important as the demand for high-quality print as well as usage of lower grammage is continuously increasing.

With the High-Speed palletiser which can be equipped with further doubling units, DÜCKER CORRPAL can achieve the highest possible performance on all type of productions. Even with lower bundle count in combination with few up on a pallet, we can still reach the converting machines maximum speed.

The separators of DÜCKER CORRPAL are available in sizes of 1,200 mm to 3,200 mm. The palletiser covers a wide range of potential dimensions and versions - from the smallest palletiser with 1,400 mm x 1,200 mm to the largest model with 3,200 mm x 1,650 mm.

DÜCKER CORRPAL presents the double palletiser as one of their concepts. It is a reaction to the necessity of producing narrower stack when installing a rotary die-cutter with the dimensions of 2,800 mm or 3,200 mm. In order to increase the capacity, the smaller palletisers can be equipped with layer doubling station.

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